Zombie Romance Pt. 5





As bad as being buried alive is, digging yourself out is worse.
I come to kneeling on the grass, the full moon overhead. For a moment, all I can concentrate on is spitting the mud out of my mouth and not gagging.
There’s still some grit in my teeth, but when I’ve got it all out, I sit back and look around.
I’m in a cemetery. Why? Where? What am I doing here?
I stand slowly, because my head is spinning and I’m weak and shaky. I feel empty, wrung out, and everything hurts like I have a fever, but my fingers to my forehead tell me I’m cool.
I can’t remember why I’m here or where I’ve been or what I was doing. I must’ve suffered a knock to the head of some kind.
The thought makes me shiver, nauseous, but I don’t know why. What I do know, is I need to get home. To my wife. I have to get home. I have to get to Maisie.
I pick the direction that feels right and stumble my way along. Maybe I’ll see something I recognize, something I remember. But I walk in a daze where my thoughts won’t connect. Only one thought seems clear: Home. Maisie.
After what seems like hours and yet no time at all, I’m standing in the street in front of our house, bright moonlight shining in my face. It’s almost too bright, and all the windows are dark. What time is it?
It has to be very late. I’d have to get in without scaring Maisie.
I pat my chest to check my pockets for my keys, but there is only a folded handkerchief. My pants pocket were empty. No keys, no cell phone, no wallet. And why was I wearing a suit? A dirty one at that.
I would have to ring the doorbell, wake Maisie, maybe scare her. Lord knows that I was getting a little scared myself at the fact that I couldn’t remember anything of the last few hours, couldn’t grasp my fly-away thoughts.
I stand there, indecisive, our neighbor’s dog barking at me. It would wake Maisie up if it kept going. That yapping little bark that had disturbed more than one good night of sleep.
Barking, barking, barking. Non-stop.
I put my hands over my sensitive ears, but it’s all I can seem to hear, all I can focus on. The incessant, high-pitched bark ping-ponging around inside my head.
It was making me crazy. I drop my hands and stride to the fence, growling. The dog barks louder, more urgently, as it takes a few mincing steps back. But it’s still close enough…just close enough.
Darkness closes in as I vault over the fence.